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Mountain House K⁂
craft & music

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Meet like-minded people

Yamanoie K⁂ craft & music holds various craft workshops. Let's free your mind in nature with friends who like handicrafts gathered here and experience more creative work making.

Upcoming Events

  • 手作りカレールーWS
    Thu, Jun 13
    山のお家K⁂ crafts & music
    Jun 13, 2024, 10:00 AM
    山のお家K⁂ crafts & music, 日本、〒510-1326 三重県三重郡菰野町杉谷2330−20
    Jun 13, 2024, 10:00 AM
    山のお家K⁂ crafts & music, 日本、〒510-1326 三重県三重郡菰野町杉谷2330−20
    小麦粉や添加物を使わない カレールーを作ってみませんか? 健康お話会をしてくださっている ゆかりさんプレゼンツ! 健康話も聞きながらの調理実習〜♪ 楽しい時間になること間違いなしです。 実習後は カレーランチも〜

knitting club

Participation fee is free, let's participate first!

Every other week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10:00 to 15:00

(summer time 8:00〜13:00)

It is held regularly.

on the morning of the opening day

On the mountain house Instagram story

Open time and weather of the day

We are letting you know.

who likes to knit

If you are interested in knitting

Anyone can participate

Participation fee is free.

Outside when the weather is nice...

Knitting while feeling the wind of nature

It feels good~♪

what you are knitting

have it

Share your knitting time.

For those who want to start now,

Rental of beginner kits and tools

because there is

You can come empty-handed!

Currently only female members

Age and knitting experience

From those who are qualified as knitting instructors,

It's a variety of beginners who have recently started.

Everyone is a teacher, everyone is a student

join a knitting club

Feel free to let me know.

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​About us


in the summer of 2019

I moved from Kuwana to the quiet mountains of Komono Town.

With my husband on his 60th birthday,

I finished my childhood...

With Ted & Yoki

Old dog Pomeranian ♂ Anno

I live with two dogs.

we both like music


Looking for a place where you can enjoy music without hesitation,

This is the place we arrived at.

My husband is still a salaried worker,

I have time to spare,

Actually, I can now enjoy my favorite crafts more than music.

Surrounded by nature,

There is no other way to compare the feeling of happiness you get when you do handiwork!

Keeping this to yourself is

I'm starting to think it's a waste

From summer 2020

Held the "Mountain House Knitting Club"

I started sharing happy times with my friends.

while doing so

Thank you for the many wonderful blessings

what i always wanted to do

Little by little you will be able to

Even though small dreams are starting to come true

I just realized.

surrounded by nature

When my heart softens

natural energy

You will be able to receive a lot.

things that already exist around me

notice the original power

Maybe that's all.

In the shade of a large oak tree

Maybe you can be happy just by doing handiwork...

If it's that simple...

to come to this place

If even one person can make many people happy...

I came to think seriously,

From June 15, 2021

Membership community space

in the form of

We decided to share our dear place.

I would like people who can sympathize with my thoughts to become members,

Have fun together and create a circle of happiness

I would like to expand.

music department

I believe that my husband will eventually fulfill me,

I want to do my best to increase the fun time in the craft department first.

Mountain house K⁂ craft & music  

 Yoki (May 2022)


  2330-20 Sugitani, Komono Town, Mie County, Mie Prefecture


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